Pizza Cottage Food Truck

Pizza Cottage Food Truck


Private Catering / Events - You pay for food

You will be paying for all the food we serve for your guests.

$300 - For first 2 hours, $150 for each add'l hour

We have a $300 Deposit, which gets our truck to your site (within 40 miles of Lancaster, OH). If we have to go farther than 50 miles from Lancaster, OH we may charge a small additional fee per mile to help cover gas and time costs. The deposit must be paid when the event is scheduled.

Food Sales Minimum: 
$300 - For first 2 hours, $150 for each add'l hour

In addition to the Site Fee we also have a Food Sales Minimum policy where we provide food up to the dollar amount listed. You will be responsible for any food charges that exceed the Food Sales Minimum amount.

Serving Window: 
2 Hours

Included in the above charges is a 2 hour serving window. If you would like more time, each additional hour is $150 plus food charges.

Have questions or ready to schedule your event?

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